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Tens System Micro II Advanced Microcurrent Unit

Micro II Microcurrent UnitMicro II Microcurrent UnitMicro II Microcurrent Unit
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Brief Overview

Using the Microcurrent provides little to no feeling of electrical stimulation, this is because it runs in milli-amp vs. amps. Because a microcurrent flows at one millionth of an ampere it is delivered on the same scale as the current the body produces on its own in each cell, it is therefore physiologic. The Microcurrent is subsensory and cannot be felt while it is being delivered because there is not enough current to stimulate the sensory receptors. This unit features:
• Dual Channel Microcurrent Unit with Timer
• Cover to prevent accidental changes to settings

TS-Micro II Advanced Microcurrent System is a flagship original TensSystem product. See why the professionals including naturopathic physicians, chiropractic physicians, pain management specialist and others have found that soft tissue healing and chronic pain can be helped with bio-electric current. The secret is in the micro-ampere technology, this is what makes the TS-Micro II so special.

The TS-Micro II Advanced Microcurrent System is a cost effective way to reduce healing time, reduce chronic and acute pain, reduce orthopedic injuries, treat fibromyalgia and myofascial pain to help with tendon and ligament repair, reduce swelling and inflammation, improve endocrine system balance and a help with spinal adaptive circuit clearing. Many asks how the sub-sensory or very light electro-sensory stimulation can be helpful.

The literature is a bound with information describing the effects of microcurrent therapy in relieving chronic pain, improving wound healing, increase protein synthesis and in stimulation of the regeneration of injured tissue and improve lymphatic flow and relieving the chronic pain from myo-fascial trigger points, Microcurrent has also been reported to help with the disabling condition known as Neuropathy; both idiopathic and diabetic .

The TS-Micro II Advanced Microcurrent System is so low cost that many customers call us to ask if this is repackaged and not brand new. TensSystem has provided professionals and patients alike with low cost brand new non-repackaged electrotherapeutic devices for many years. This is because TensSystem is one of the largest well known and respected providers of electrotherapeutic healing devices in the world today.

Your TS-Micro II Advanced Microcurrent System comes with everything which you need to get started.The Micro II Advanced Microcurrent Device is packaged in attractive hard shell plastic locking case and comes with a comprehensive instruction manual, a package of re-sealable self adhering multistick electrodes, durable lead wires, and a 9V alkaline battery that will last for dozens of uses.

This microcurrent system, TS-Micro II has variable frequency setting including the most popular 0.3, 8 and 80μHz settings as well as a timer control for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or continuous as well as adjustable amplitude output analog dials.

• Tens System Advanced Microcurrent System
• Timer
• Four Electrodes
• 9-Volt Battery
• Hard Plastic Case
• Manual
Technical Specifications

• Dual channels

Wave Form
• Modified square DC biphasic pulses of 0.3Hz, 8Hz, and 80Hz
• Changing polarity at intervals of 3 seconds
• Polarity: Bipolar (+) and (-)

Output Voltage
• 9 volt

• .Continuous, 20, or 40 minutes.

.0.3, 8, 80Hz.

Power Source
• 9 volt alkaline or rechargeable battery
• Adjustable Amplitude Dual Channel

Setup Of The Device

Proper Setting:
1)Set the Timer to C

2)Set the output setting at .03

3)When using the power dials on top never exceed number 3 if you feel the slightest touch of electrical current turn it down to 2.5, 2.0 etc till you feel NOTHING.

4)After configuring the unit in this manner download the FREE Electrode Placement Chart located on our webpage for proper placement.

These are the proper setting and use of this device.

Note: Because you can not feel anything and it can not harm but only help the body ware it as long as you can everyday. When you go to sleep ware it while sleeping it can only help your medical condition.

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