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TENS System 3000 - Advanced TENS System

Tens-3000 Advanced TENS UnitTens-3000 Advanced TENS Unit
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Brief Overview

Can be worn all day or on an as needed basis. Device features include adjustable pulse rate, pulse width, and amplitude (intensity). Placements of electrodes are usually at pain site or along the nerve channels, called dermatomes.

The Tens System 3000 Advanced TENS System is a TENS Unit which features dual isolated channels along with three operational modes including conventional, burst and modulation.

This TENS device further includes Cap & Slide Cover Protection Prevents Accidental Changes in Settings during usage.

The Tens-3000 Advanced TENS Unit is a medicare approved TENS unit and system. So you know you are getting the very best in a 3 mode, dual channel TENS unit that utilizes microprocessor technology and safety features including a timer, cap and slide cover protection system.

The Tens-3000 comes with everything that you need to get started. A comprehensive instruction booklet, the Tens-3000 Advanced TENS Unit, 2 lead wires, a battery and a secure, locking handsome carrying case. Now you are ready for hours and hours of pain relief and pain control. This unit boasts a dual channel three modes of operation including; burst normal and intermittent modes. This TENS-3000 can be worn all day and battery life is never an issue with the TENS System-3000. Professionals truly prefer this device for many patients due to the simplicity of operation, reliability and versatility. There is adjustable pulse rate, pulse width and amplitude as well as the ability to select any of the three modes at anytime. This device the TENS-3000 is very easy to use and will last years and years with proper care.

TENS devices work on the 'Gating' principle and therefore require the ability to produce adequate and therapeutic electronic signals which are transmitted to self sticking electrodes that adhere to the skin securely in order to provide adequate electrical stimulation which will block pain centers by providing a gentle relaxing therapeutic electrical signal that the brain interprets more easily than pain. This device also helps to improve the production of endorphins from your own body to the nerve endings that can further reduce pain signal. The use of the Tens-3000 Advanced TENS Unit can also help to exhaust pain sensing nerves so that even after the TENS has stopped there is some carryover of reduced or absent pain.

You cannot go wrong with the TENS-3000 Advanced TENS System, complete with a timer, three mode use, dual channel with adjustable pulse rate, pulse width and amplitude as well as the safety features of a slide cover for the controls and a safety cap to prevent accidental intensity changes, all packed in a custom molded, locking carrying case. We hope you enjoy this product.
· Tens System - Profesional TENS System

· Cap & Slide Covers Protect Accidental Setting Changes

· Hard Plastic Case

· 9-volt alkaline battery

· Two lead wires

· 4 Multi-Stick GEL Re-Usable Electrodes

· Belt Clip

· Manual
• Time in 15 minutes, 30 minutes or continuous
• Dual channel – isolated between channels
• Pulse Amplitude adjustable between 0 and 80mA
• Pulse Rate adjustable from 2 to 150 Hz
• Pulse Width adjustable from 30 to 260 microseconds
• Modulation Mode – pulse rate is automatically varied over a nominal interval of 10 seconds.
• Burst Mode – burst occur twice every second
• Wave Form – Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic Square Pulse
• Voltage – 0 to 40 V
• Maximum Charge per Pulse 20 micro-coulombs
• Power Supply – 9 V battery
• Battery Life – 50 Hours at normal settings

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