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Tens System 8500 Four Channel (Up to 8 Electrodes) Digital TENS & Muscle Stimulator

Tens 8500 Four Channel (Up to 8 Electrodes) Digital TENS Unit & Muscle Stimulator UnitTens 8500 Four Channel (Up to 8 Electrodes) Digital TENS Unit & Muscle Stimulator UnitTens 8500 Four Channel (Up to 8 Electrodes) Digital TENS Unit & Muscle Stimulator Unit
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Brief Overview

Tens System 8500 Professional Four Channel Digital TENS & Muscle Stimulator System is a Four channel electrotherapy unit that allows you to use up to 8 electrode pads at one time. You will have the choice of 3 modes of TENS and 3 modes of Electronic Muscle Stimulator. The complete system features:
• Two Timers
• Up to 8 Electrodes
• 4-AA batteries, AC Adapter & Case
• Two Year Warranty - Satisfaction Guaranteed!

The Tens 8500 Four Channel Digital TENS Unit and Muscle Stimulator Unit is our Flagship and hands down the most versatile, powerful and professional portable TENS and muscle stimulator unit available anywhere. The complete system is supplied with everything which you need get started.

Pain Management Professionals everywhere will agree that the ability to utilize eight electrodes from the same portable TENS-Muscle Stimulator System makes this a must for every professional office of pain management and physical rehabilitation office anywhere. Beyond that more patients have chosen this amazing TENS System professional four channel digital TENS and muscle stimulator system because of the ability to use this unit on either four AA batteries or the provided AC adapter.

The three modes of TENS and three modes of electronic muscle stimulator programs allow for powerful allies to the elimination and reduction of pain and muscle dysfunction. The three TENS modes include synchronous, constant and alternate as well as the EMS modes of synchronous, constant and alternate. Alternating pulse width can vary between 50 and 250µS and pulse rate can vary between 20 and 120Hz. The adjustable on off cycles for the muscle stim between 1 and 30 seconds as well as symmetrical bi-phasic square pulse makes this eight electrode four channel TENS/EMS Combination System the best available today.

The reason that TENS System can offer this amazingly powerful and versatile Tens 8500 at such a low guaranteed price is because we sell more of these units than all of our competitors combined. You know you are getting the very best when you purchase the Tens 8500.
• Tens System Professional Four Channel Digital TENS Unit & Muscle Stimulator System

• Four Clinical Channels

• Lead Wires

• EIGHT Self-Stick Hypoallergenic Disposable Electrodes

• 4-AA's Batteries and AC Adapter

• Soft Carrying Case with waist belt

• Instruction Booklet

• Two Year Warranty
Three TENS Modes

• Synchronous

• Constant

• Alternate

EMS Modes

• Synchronous

• Constant

• Alternate - Pulse Width: 50 ~ 250µS, (10µS / step) - Pulse Rate: 20 ~ 120Hz

• On Ramp: Adjustable 1~9 seconds

• Cycle ON Time: Adjustable 1~30 seconds

• Cycle OFF Time: Adjustable 1~30 seconds

• Wave Form: Symmetrical Bi-phasic square pulse

Two Timers

• CH1&CH2: 1 ~ 60min. (1min. / step)

• CH3&CH4: 1 ~ 60min. (1min. / step)
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