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Tens 2800 Basic TENS Unit

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Brief Overview

• Tens Unit- Basic TENS System
• Lead Wires
• 4 - Tens System 2"X 2" Multi-Stick GEL Self-Adhesive Reusable Electrodes
• 9 Volt Battery
• Belt Clip
• Hard Plastic Carrying Case
• Instruction Booklet


Tens 2800 Basic TENS Unit is a pure and simple TENS unit that works amazingly well to manage acute and chronic pain. Practically all TENS units work very similarly in their basic intended function and ability to create electrical signals that are produced bybthe device and delivered at the electrode pads which are placed on the skin in order to block pain transmission. The pain signals are generated at and around the area of injury or chronic pain from sensory nerves that are sending pain signals to the brain. The goal of TENS use is to allow the patient to feel electrical current instead of thpain signal, thereby; Gating or Blocking the pain! Brillian, elegant and simple.The Tens 2800 Basic Unit is an excellent basic TENS unit that is an analog TENS device that also utilizes microprocessor technology. The analog components include the two easy to use dials, one for each channel designed to; turn the unit onnwith a clear audible clic, raise and lower the elindicator signal intensity. There is even an indicator light to allow the use to know that the unit is on and functioning. You could not get a more easy to use and trustworthy, reliable TENS unit. This device combines the TENS technology of yesterday with the more modern components of microprocessor technology which help gives the exact dial performance that the customer is looking for. It also combines safety features which include a safety cap / cover-which help to prevent inadvertent changes in the intensity of the stim felt by the user.The 2800 Basic Tens Unit is durable and comes ready to use with four high quality self picking electrodes as well as durable lead wires one for each channel and a 9V battery. This device is also known for long lasting battery life as it does not consume excessive amounts of power when in use. You know you are getting the very best in basics TENS technology with the Tens 2800 Basic Unit. Physical therapist, doctors, and occupational therapist alike, know this unit for its easy to use format and reasonable consistent output. You cannot go wrong with the Basic-2800.

Additional Information

Product CodeDT2819
UPC0 92237612866
Product DimensionsNo
Year of Warranty3
Technical Specifications

• Dual channel – isolated between channels
• Pulse Amplitude adjustable between 0 and 80mA
• Pulse Rate adjustable from 2 to 150 Hz
• Pulse Width adjustable from 30 to 260 microseconds
• Wave Form – Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic Square Pulse
• Voltage – 0 to 40 V
• Maximum Charge per Pulse 20 micro-coulombs
• Modes: Fixed at normal mode
• Power Supply – 9 V battery
• Battery Life – 50 Hours at normal settings

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